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Why LOGISTIC PEOPLE (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

We are your trusted logistics and supply chain headhunter in Singapore. Managing Human Resources can often be a taxing experience. On top of that, finding professionals with suitable calibre and skills can prove elusive. Through specialising logistics, we help you find logistics staff in Singapore and we are able to assure you of our candidates’ experience. Our industry veterans provide experienced head hunting to companies in Singapore with fast turnaround.

We provide:

  • The first level of screening and curation to fine-tune talents with the right skill sets
  • Fast turnaround
  • Assurance as we understand your industries’ specific requirements
  • A growing, nationally unrestricted network of talent throughout Europe and Asia
  • Consultation on Talent Retention strategies
  • Advice on how to establish your Employer Branding (Talent Acquisition Strategy)
  • Pre-employment screening*

* Pre-employment screening to be done only if requested by a client who has expressed an intention to hire the talent with a written letter of offer. Costs to be borne by clients.

We also aim to maintain personalised one-to-one relationships to address your pain points by offering post-interview evaluations for us to understand your hiring concerns and provide clarifications about the talent interviewed. It would be our pleasure to meet you over a meal or phone conference. We are dedicated to going beyond meeting your needs and your company’s requirements throughout our talent hunter service to you.

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