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This is Where People Establish Careers. We are agents of change, bringing about positive impacts to the career and hiring needs of our customers at the right time and right place, with the right talent.

We are a one-stop solution for career and recruitment services, especially when it comes to logisitics jobs in Singapore. We cater to both talents who are seeking jobs and employers seeking talent in the transportation, logistics and supply chain sectors. In every step of our process, we prioritise human empathy, personal outreach, and streamlining the layers of clutter between talent and employers to find the best fit for both worlds.

Job Opportunities at LOGISTIC PEOPLE

Looking to apply for supply chain, logistics, and transport jobs in Singapore? At LOGISTIC PEOPLE (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, we treat all job seekers as valuable talent whose skills are vital to Singapore’s industries.
We take up the role of facilitators to provide you career opportunities and career coaching consultation, including:

  • Call Briefings about the job applied for
  • Research on the company
  • Preparation for upcoming interviews

Process Flow

Our efficient processes have benefitted both logitics jobs seekers and logistics recruiters in Singapore. With a speedy turnaround timeframe of 1 to 2 weeks, we place professional emphasis on quality over quantity in fulfilling your career and hiring needs. We thrive on personal connections with each individual to uphold our high standards of service and value-added efficiency.


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“LOGISTIC PEOPLE has an impressive network in the logistics and supply chain industry. With their growing presence in Asia, they have a wide clientele reach in various markets and our co-operation has opened up many opportunities. 

As their consultants are former logisticians themselves, they are able to clearly explain their clients’ business and requirements to our candidates, and further value-add by providing useful insight on market trends, giving our candidates a good context to their legal role. The consultants have also shown great professionalism, and a genuine interest to find the right fit for each candidate and client. 

We are delighted to partner LOGISTIC PEOPLE.”

Surene Virabhak
Managing Director, Legal Labs

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